Convert Speech To Text On Your Phone With Mirsk Dictation Solutions

Imagine a busy day: brainstorming, studying, preparing for a PowerPoint Presentation, creating a report and the deadline is near. Your hands are full, literally and figuratively. How convenient would it be to have a tool that just does all the typing for you as you speak so you can do more things and multi-task?

Well, Mirsk has just the thing. Mirsk Dictation+ is a tool that lets you speak into your phone and receive a text document of what you said–in any language in the world. This technology revolutionizes the way you work and do things.

Optimizing Workflow

Mirsk, a Danish owned company, has thought of making workflow easier for businesses and employees who need to record, save and share spoken information. Mirsk has developed a way of converting dictations into high-quality documents through its innovative speech technology and speech recognition.

MIRSK Dictation Plus For iPhone

Mirsk has developed products such as the following:

  • MIRSK Suite  This is tailored to an individual for dictation and transcription. This is supplemented by the mobile app Dictation+ for convenient dictation and transcription solutions on-the-go.
  • MIRSK Recognition Live  This new product converts your speech into text in an instance, in real time.
  • MIRSK Recognition Standard – Your dictation or speech is transferred to MIRSK’s server, where audio is automatically converted into text. The server will return the text for you to read, correct and even save.
  • MIRSK Secretary – With this product, everything you say comes back as text. And, surpassing a secretary, it works seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.
  • MIRSK Translation – With this product, the sound of your speech is converted into text via MIRSK Secretary and then translated into any language in the world.
  • MIRSK Management and Statistics – This is an innovative add-on for any of the other products, giving you insight and analysis of activities in all of the MIRSK Solutions being used, thus allowing you to keep track of productivity.
  •  MIRSK Cloud – This is an app for all smartphones and tablets, which gives you Dictation+ for all your dictation needs while you are on the go.

Dicatiton Solution with Mirsk

The Future of Productivity

Many studies have shown that MIRSK’s products significantly increase the productivity in hospitals. They have also significantly eased working time that was previously used for manual production.

MIRSK’s Dictation Solutions can be used for work, in meetings, in school, during travel, at home, in the care, and practically everywhere. The Dictation Solutions can be used by all sorts of people in any industry, from professionals like doctors to even the next average Joe. 

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