HD Video Backgrounds

Download high quality and High Definition Video Backgrounds for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

Futuristic Video Background for PowerPoint

futuristic video animation for powerpoint

Futuristic presentation templates are often used for technology related topics or to showcase a product developed after R&D. Some people like using such templates for school presentations or even business presentations about future prospects of a business or technology. You can also use such a template for making your slideshow more eye-catching by incorporating video …

Christmas Video Animations for PowerPoint

custom christmas message for powerpoint

While there are various Christmas PowerPoint Templates that are available for making presentations during the holiday season, you might want to spruce up your slides by using something new. Christmas message in the form of video animations can be a good way of making your slides more visually appealing and we have some templates to …

Write on Chalkboard PowerPoint Animation

write on chalkboard template for powerpoint

PowerPoint animations are a little used gem that can really make a presentation stand out. These are animations embedded within PowerPoint slides and even come in the form of ready-made animated templates. Write on Chalkboard PowerPoint Animation is a customizable PowerPoint animation which can be customized with custom text.

Android Video Animation for PowerPoint

Animated Android Video Template

Nothing spells impressive than something new and extraordinary. With many presentations looking almost the same these days, you have to bring in the big guns sometimes with something that is absolutely eye-catching. And what more can be impressive and unexpected than an android robot in your presentation? If you aim to wow your audience with a …

Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint

Animated Spaceship Video PowerPoint Template

Today’s advancements in technology make so many things possible. What we once thought of as science fiction is now a reality. From electronic vehicles to home automation as well as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, these are now as common as other basic products that we have around. Now, if you’re one of those who …

Man Climbing Stack Of Books PowerPoint Template

Figure Climbing Book Stack is the name of a video background template by Presenter Media which depicts a man climbing stack of books. This PowerPoint animation has two versions, including one with custom text.

Animated Landscape Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint

A beautiful video background can help leave a calming effect on your audience, while creating an atmosphere which can enable you to deliver your presentation using appropriate visuals. The Animated Landscape Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint given below are a collection of PowerPoint video animations which can help you make presentations on diverse topics, ranging from …

Animated Money Video Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Money is a central theme for many business presentations. Using a money themed template can be helpful in elaborating upon various concepts or making a presentation which can resonate with your audience; such as shareholders, board members, investors, etc. The Animated Money Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint that we have listed below can help you create …

Best Custom Text Animations For PowerPoint

It is all too common to use generic templates or making PowerPoint presentations. What if you can reveal your custom logo and text right within a video animation embedded in PowerPoint? Presenter Media gives an infinite number of custom text animations where you can insert your custom text and images to reveal within a PowerPoint …

Hourglass Animations For PowerPoint

You might have seen the hourglass in some old Gothic movie or perhaps as an illustration in some book. The hourglass is often used as a concept tied to the importance of time in books and popular culture. While the sand clock isn’t much too look at, it does have an allure to it. This …