Global Network PowerPoint Template With Animated Globe

Global Network PowerPoint Template is an excellent animation laden template for making technology and business related presentations. This Animated PowerPoint Template provides 19 fully customizable sample slides with pre-rendered animations and clipart to help you quickly create elaborate presentations with the help of timelines, charts, picture layouts, SmartArt Graphics and more.

PowerPoint Template With Amazing Animations

The first animation appears on the introductory sample slide depicting a network connecting across a spinning globe. You can add your own branding (logo), text and images to this PowerPoint slide to create an opening slide that can instantly leave a positive impact on your audience.

Global Network PowerPoint Template

Editable Slides With Useful Images And Icons

This template not only offers editable slides to help you quickly create presentations but also offers standalone clipart that can be used as per your requirement in different slides.

Technology Clipart And Images

There are various picture slides, chart layouts and SmartArt graphics that you can edit to add your own title, body text and images. The added content will then mix with the video animations within the slide to produce an animated slide. You can preview these animations by running the slide in Slide Show mode.

Three Picture Technology Layout

Slides That Give You Fresh Ideas

The clipart, timeline and picture slides offer appropriate background styles and animations that can be used for making diverse business or technology related presentations. For example, you can create quarterly evaluations, expansion plans, project timelines, project proposals, IT infrastructure related presentations, etc. The sample slides are not only generic and easily editable but also provide different ideas for forging your slides. Each slide offers fresh ideas that can be quite helpful for people who may require moving across mental blocks when they find themselves short of ideas.

Technology Layouts With Fresh Ideas

Other than PowerPoint (for Mac and PC) you can also download a Keynote version of this template from the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Global Network PowerPoint Template

Global Network Animation And Clipart

You can also download the standalone version of the Global Network Animation on the first sample slide from the link given below. This animation is available in a white and transparent background in GIF and QuickTime format, as well as in SWF Flash format (White background only).

Go to Presenter Media – Global Network Animation And Clipart

Global Network Animation And Clipart

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