Animated Airplane Templates For PowerPoint

Flight schedules, staff training sessions, safety guidelines for clients and even tourism related information (by travel agencies) can be presented in the form of presentation slides. For example, this may be the case when a presentation is uploaded to a website with guidelines for passengers or when a training session may have to be conducted to train new staff. Either way, having a suitable PowerPoint Template at your disposal can be of immense convenience.

Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template

Whether you work at an airline, travel agency, tourist resort or some other line of work where you may have to deal with flights, tickets or airlines, this animated airplane template for PowerPoint can help you easily create anything from tutorials, training presentations, customer guides, catalogs to slideshows for your office monitor and sales presentations.

This template provides several useful sample slides with layouts for making a diverse range of slides related to airlines, travel and tourism, sales, etc.

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Jet Airplane with Travel Map

Travel Map PowerPoint Template

This is a video animation that is also available as a PowerPoint template, as well as in the form of a video file. This animation shows a map with pins. The pins light up at different locations, as the video animation is played out. Other than PowerPoint, you can download this animation in WMV, FLV or MOV format; for use with any software that supports these video formats. This may include presentation applications, media players, web apps and even video editing software.

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Travel Map Destination Points Animation

Pilot Clipart

This is a simple clipart image of a pilot standing in front of a plane. You can utilize this clipart related to travel, tourism and airline themed presentations.

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Pilot Standing In Front of Airplane

Travel Around The World Clipart

This is another fine clipart image for presentation topics related to airlines, travel and tourism. The clipart depicts an airplane traveling around the globe.

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Travel Around World Clipart

Other than PowerPoint, you can also use the above mentioned clipart images and video animations for various types of projects, such as websites, blogs, web applications, etc. This is why the clipart, templates and animations at Presenter Media serve as a flexible resource that can be conveniently used for a diverse range of personal and commercial projects.

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