Animated Tree With Roots PowerPoint Template

Presentations related to growth and environment both often have an image of a tree. This is because a tree can present a healthier environment, growth, progress, etc. The Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template is an animated template which provides editable slides containing charts, SmartArt and an animation of a growing tree.

Customizable Animation Of A Growing Tree

The tree animation shows a growing tree, as its roots expand. To customize this animation, simply add your own text and images. The customized version of your animation can be previewed by running the template in Slide Show mode.

Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template

Suitable For Business, Growth And Environment Related Presentation Topics

You can use this template for making presentations related to diverse topics; be it a presentation about global warming, going green, business or economic growth or career planning; you can use a tree with roots in a symbolic way in your presentation.

Growing Tree Template

Available in Standard And Widescreen Format

You can download this template in both standard and widescreen format, which means that the template is also ideal for versions older than PowerPoint 2013; which don’t offer widescreen support by default. The Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template is compatible with both PowerPoint for PC and PowerPoint for Mac.

Go to Presenter Media – Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Widescreen Version of Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template

Tree With Roots Clipart

If you would like to grab a static clipart version of the tree image of the above template, you can customize and download the Tree With Roots Clipart from the link given below. This clipart is available in different resolution in PNG or JPG format. You can optionally use the customization options on the Presenter Media website to change the colors of the clipart before downloading it.

Go to Presenter Media – Tree With Roots Clipart

Tree With Roots Clipart

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