Awesome Business Cloud Skyscraper Video Background For PowerPoint

Business Cloud Skyscraper is a video animation for PowerPoint, which can also be downloaded in the form of a PowerPoint Template. This animated template shows a skyscraper and the cloudy blue sky, which can be used for making business presentations, slides related to topics like success and corporate culture, as well as other relevant topics such as architecture, investment prospects in a metropolis, a presentation about potential markets, etc.

Business Cloud Skyscraper PowerPoint Template

The PPTX version of this animation comes in the form of an animated template, where a single slide is available in the form of an embedded video animation of a skyscraper. You can add your own images (e.g. logos) and text to customize this slide and play it in Slide Show Mode to display your text and images with the skyscraper animation running in the backdrop.

Business Cloud Skyscraper PowerPoint Template

You can also edit the duration and overall look of the video using PowerPoint Video Tools, which can be accessed by clicking on the video slide and selecting the ‘PowerPoint Video Tools’ option from the Ribbon Menu.

Skyscraper Animation And Template

Also Available as a WMV, MOV or FLV Video

You can also download this video animation as a standalone video in Windows Media Video, MOV or Flash (FLV) format. This way, you can not only add this video to a supported presentation app but also use it for your personal projects by editing the video with a video editing software and/or uploading it to a website.


For example, you can customize and upload this animation to a blog or a website, with your custom logo and message. You can also make your task easier by simply performing the editing in PowerPoint (by using the PPTX version) and then converting your PowerPoint file to video format. Another customization option that you can avail is to edit the brightness, saturation and TINT of the video directly from the developer’s website, before downloading the animation in a preferred format (PowerPoint or video format).

Presenter Media Skyscraper Video Animation

Business Cloud Skyscraper Animation is available in the following file formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • QuickTime Video (MOV)
  • Flash Video (FLV)

Go to Presenter Media – Business Cloud Skyscraper PowerPoint Template

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