Cloud Skipper PowerPoint Template


Often, presentations that have bold designs and flashy colors can strain the eyes of your audience. So when you are presenting information wherein you are going to be heavy with your information, or you simply want something subdued and easy on the eyes, you need to use subtle designs and light colors.

Animated Clouds Video Background Templates For PowerPoint

If you need templates for making presentations depicting clouds, then here are some Animated Clouds Video Background Templates for PowerPoint. These customizable video templates can be downloaded as editable PowerPoint slides or standalone videos.

Animated Meadow PowerPoint Templates

Meadow images in presentations can help reflect serenity, success and prosperity. The Animated Meadow PowerPoint Templates given below are perfect for topics like growth, the environment and nature.

Awesome Business Cloud Skyscraper Video Background For PowerPoint

Business Cloud Skyscraper is a video animation for PowerPoint, which can also be downloaded in the form of a PowerPoint Template. This animated template shows a skyscraper and the cloudy blue sky, which can be used for making business presentations, slides related to topics like success and corporate culture, as well as other relevant topics …

Dark Stormy Clouds Animated Video Background For PowerPoint

One good method of making a psychological impact on your audience is to use meaningful animations in your presentation slides. For example, when trying to explain the gravity of the situation regarding a sinister threat, the use of appropriate video animations can be quite helpful in effectively getting your message through to an audience. The …

Animated Callouts, Speech Bubbles and Discussion Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to prepare presentations on social media or discussion using PowerPoint then callouts and bubbles will play an important role. By using callouts you can quote a message easily and make a sense of discussion. This is perfect for some presentations where you need to cite authors or add bibliographic references. Here we …

Free Business PowerPoint Template with Animated Clouds Video and 3D Cube

If you are looking for free animated PowerPoint templates for businesses then this free video template can be great to make corporate presentations in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. It is a free video template provided by PresentationPRO and available for free from the official Microsoft Office website (templates section) that you can download and use …