How To Convert PowerPoint Presentation To Video (Tip)

Converting a PowerPoint presentation to video format can be of immense convenience as one can upload it to a video streaming website like YouTube or share it with others via numerous platforms. One of the biggest advantages of converting a PowerPoint presentation to video format is that the recipient won’t require PowerPoint to be installed on his device. For example, it is easier to display recorded content instead of assigning tasks to employees to present it across conventions, meetings and public events. Similarly, an introductory presentation can be shown to new employees to introduce them to the concepts, ideas and ethics practiced in the company.

PowerPoint screencasts can easily be created with the help of Camtasia Studio, which provides a complete range of options to create PowerPoint screencasts with audio and webcam recording. However, PowerPoint also has a built in option to convert presentations into videos. While this feature does not provide rich features like Camtasia, however it is a good way of quickly converting your slides to video format. To begin, click File -> Save and Send and select Create a Video.

This will display relevant options to convert the video to a required format for computer and HD displays, Internet and DVD or Portable Devices. Moreover, you can also select the display time for each slide and whether to record timings and narrations. After you have selected all required options, click Create Video.

This will begin converting your PowerPoint slide to video format.

As you can see from the below image, we successfully converted a PowerPoint presentation to video format by using the above mentioned method. Converting your PowerPoint presentations to video format can enable you to easily disseminate recorded versions of it across all kind of platforms, including desktop computers, mobile devices and multimedia players (e.g. DVD Player). For this example we have used the free Investor PowerPoint template with a nice gold background style and globe image.

We hope this article helps to understand how to create a video from a PowerPoint (.PPT) presentation.

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