Know The Star Qualities Of An Excellent Speaker

Not everyone is born to be a speaker as great as Winston Churchill. If on one hand, his speeches had the charisma to grip audience’s attention till the end; then on the flip side, there are many of us who have stage fear and are scared of even speaking publicly. It is for this reason that this article focuses on the star qualities of an excellent speaker, so as to inspire budding speakers.

But before proceeding further, it is important to understand that all the great speakers that have existed till date are not so by chance, but by the consistent effort and commitment they have invested over years. Moving ahead, let’s focus on the traits that make a good speaker.

Qualities Of An Excellent Speaker

Having a Unique Style

To begin with, great orators have the ability to captivate audience attention, educate them about the topic of discussion and entertain them; all at the same time. They have a unique presentation style that gives them an identity. For instance, Barack Obama; he speaks freely with a casual tone and style that can capture listeners of all age groups.

Are Spontaneous

Good speakers are very spontaneous and keep reading the audience’s mind so as to be sure if the audience remains on the edge of their seat. If at any instant, they are supposed to introduce a change on the spot, then they have the ability to customize speech accordingly, without worrying about the flow of script.

Believe in Personal Evaluation

Excellent speakers are not afraid of learning. In fact, they are interested in digging deeper into the art of public speaking. Thus, they keep evaluating their performance after every speech so as to have a clear picture about what went wrong and flaws that need to be corrected.

Stay Focused

Effective speakers do not leave their focus at any point, rather they are passionate about public speaking. They always stay confident, yet composed. Moreover, good speakers ensure that the speech is relatable and easy to respond. And, an important point, they do not lose temper when queries are being raised.

To be a good speaker, you need to understand one thing very clearly that excellence evolves naturally, with time. So, know the objective of your speech and don’t just give your audience what is promised to them, rather make an attempt to connect with them by delivering a speech that goes beyond their expectations. This way, you can be sure of a commendable speech.

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