How To Apply The Wind Effect in PowerPoint Presentations

If you require making a presentation about the environment, global warming, climatic conditions of a region or the weather in general, then you might find it useful to use the Wind Transition Effect.

Like other transition effects in PowerPoint, this effect can be used to reveal slides by applying an animated effect. You can quite suitably apply this effect with templates which may suit your presentation topic and this effect perfectly, such as these Free Weather PowerPoint Templates, as well as with premium templates like the Animated Spring Time PowerPoint Template.

Wind Transition Effect

To apply this effect, simply go to the Transitions tab and select it from the drop down menu. Once applied, you can choose to reveal this effect from the right or left side via Effect Options (located within the Transitions tab). Other than use with static templates, you can also make use of this effect with these Animated Weather Templates for PowerPoint.

Applying The Wind Transition Effect in PowerPoint

Video Demonstration for Applying The Wind Transition Effect in PowerPoint

You can see a video demonstration for applying this Transition Effect in PowerPoint from our video tutorial given below. It is advised to use this transition effect between various slides and not the first slide, this will help you have a more meaningful impact on your audience, as weather themed slides switching between each other can be more attractive than a merely plain black transition effect.

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