Animated Freight Truck PowerPoint Template

What better theme to use for a presentation about transport, logistic and cargo than a freight truck? The Animated Semi Freight Truck Driving PowerPoint Template depicts animations of a freight truck alongside placeholders for adding your own content. The templates not all text based and has various layouts with PowerPoint Charts, picture slides, stick figure clipart and more.

Freight Truck Animation

This freight truck PowerPoint template starts with the animation loop of a semi truck, with space for adding a title and sub-title to introduce your topic and presentation content. This sets up the scene for making a presentation about topics such as transportation, freight, cargo, logistics, vehicles, supply chain, etc.

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Freight truck PowerPoint template

Animated and Static Content Pages

You can switch between animated and static layouts to create presentations with a mix of both. Some slides are animated while others are static. The template also provides instructions for switching between static and animated layouts, which can be done via ‘Layouts’ from the Home tab in PowerPoint.

Transport presentation template

Freight and Cargo Clipart

There are a number of useful transport, cargo and freight related clipart images which can be handy for your presentation. You can copy these images from the clipart page and use them across existing or new slides.

Transport images

Different Layouts with editable Charts and Replaceable Images

There are also a number of PowerPoint Chart slides with bar and pie charts. You can add your own data, edit the legends and alter chart types according to need.

Truck and bar chart

Among the twenty sample slides you get a range of layouts including picture layouts with sample, replaceable images. The stick figure clipart in particular is quite interesting and can help you make your presentations a bit witty. This freight truck PowerPoint template is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint for Mac and Windows
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Semi Freight Truck Driving PowerPoint Template 

Three picture layout with freight clipart

Forklift Loading Truck Clipart

This is a simple animation of a forklift moving cargo. The animation shows a stick figure operating the forklift and placing the cargo in a trailer truck. This animated GIF is available in various resolutions. To make the animation prominent in Slide Show mode we changed the background to a gradient fill. You can choose to use a white or transparent background. The latter can help you make the animation suitable with any selected background theme.

Go to Presenter Media – Forklift Loading Truck Trailer

Forklift clipart

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