Animated Cargo Ship PowerPoint Template

For presenters looking for a template to present statistics and create infographics the Animated Cargo Ship PowerPoint Template can be a suitable choice.

Create Presentation Slides or Infographics to Present Data

This template provides slides that can be edited to reveal different kinds of trends and data sets in the form of infographics or general slides. Other than the text-boxes for adding your text alongside to cargo ship animations, the template can also be recolored and readjusted by dragging slide objects.

Animated cargo ship PowerPoint template

Edit Slides to Create Custom Layouts

There are a number of sample slides with bars that can be colored using Shape Fill in PowerPoint. Moreover, you can add or remove bars as you please. For example, to add a new bar just copy-paste one of the blocks. Similarly, you can select and remove bars, recolor and resize them, add text and images and even edit the default background.

Edit cargo ship layout

To demonstrate the customization capabilities of this animated template we change the default background in the image shown below. After making major changes make sure you run your slides in Slide Show mode to ensure that the animations run smoothly across your slides. This said, recoloring, resizing elements or changing the background is unlikely to cause any issues with the default animations.

Change background for cargo ship layout

Generally, the animated content is revealed step by step, as text-boxes and colored bars appear upon mouse click. You can of course readjust these sequences if you like and also create new slides from scratch.

On the whole, this template will give you a head start in making animated slides with a cargo ship theme, with scope for projecting your trends as infographics or colored bar charts. You can download this cargo ship template for PowerPoint or Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Cargo Ship PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Cargo Ship PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Cargo ship bar chart

Cargo Ship Clipart

This is a static image of a cargo ship, available in JPG and PNG image formats. This cargo ship clipart can be downloaded with a white or transparent background, you can even tweak the image using customization options given at the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Cargo Ship Clipart

Cargo ship clipart

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