Caption PowerPoint Template with Recolored Pictures

An effective PowerPoint presentation uses less words and more visuals in order to make each slide more interesting to the audience. People retain more information when they have visual data, rather than long bodies or blocks of text. You can make your presentations brief with pictures telling the story and with just a little caption for description.


The Caption PowerPoint Template with Recolored Pictures allows you not only to present captioned photos in your slides but also to make it more artistic with recolored effects. This template is a single slide template that you can insert in any presentation, whether it is for business, organization, academics or education, and personal use.

Versatile Picture Caption Template

This caption template is compatible with PowerPoint 2013 and has backward compatibility with earlier versions. This template is also versatile enough to be used for many presentation themes and designs, from modern to classic to avant garde.

You can also easily customize this photo caption template can be easily customized to match your already existing presentation. You can edit or format the background. You can also add recoloring effects and artistic effects on your own images, which you can insert by right-clicking on each image in the template and choosing Change Picture. You can also add your company or school logo at the bottom of the slide to personalize it. You can even duplicate it as many times as you want and scatter captioned photo slides throughout your presentation.


This caption PowerPoint template can be uploaded and saved to your OneDrive account, allowing you to go back to it anytime you need to. You only have to log in to OneDrive or to the Microsoft portal to have access. All updates can be automatically reflected on the template as it happens. You can even work remotely with a team using this template, making collaboration so much easier.


Download this awesome template from the direct link given below.

Go to Download Caption PowerPoint Template with Recolored Pictures

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