Animated Freight Truck PowerPoint Template

What better theme to use for a presentation about transport, logistic and cargo than a freight truck? The Animated Semi Freight Truck Driving PowerPoint Template depicts animations of a freight truck alongside placeholders for adding your own content. The templates not all text based and has various layouts with PowerPoint Charts, picture slides, stick figure …

Shipping Icons PowerPoint Template

Cargo, logistics, transportation, freight management, supply chain and a plethora of other similar topics require a presentation template that is more than generic. This is because important technical details might have to be represented in layouts that should help convey the message to an audience that is most likely to lose interest in a dull …

Animated Truck Infographics PowerPoint Template

Infographic templates for PowerPoint can help add some style to your presented data, as well as allow you to depict important information in easy to understand layouts. If you want to give your infographics some wheels, try the Animated Semi Truck infographics PowerPoint Template.