Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

While we have covered a number of business presentation templates in previous posts, one can never have enough novel templates to make up for various important events at the workplace, be it meetings, sales presentations or brainstorming sessions.

Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

The Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template is a finely crafted puzzle themed business template which can help you make an impression on your audience with customizable puzzle piece layouts.

Animated business puzzle PowerPoint templates

Easy to Edit Animated Slide Layouts

Each slide layout provides sample content with jigsaw puzzle like pieces making up different shapes. The PowerPoint slides are animated and reveal different objects as the presentation proceeds in Slide Show mode. To edit the slides, simply add text to the given placeholders.

You can also insert your own images and move around the puzzle pieces to create your own layouts. The animations within sample slides will mix with your added content and can be previewed in Slide Show mode to see how the slides will appear when you present them.

Business puzzle templates for PowerPoint

Highly Customizable Jigsaw Puzzle Layouts

The sample layouts provide generic designs which can be transformed into different types of slide types, such as comparison slides, agenda slides, picture slides, infographics, etc. Needless to say, you can also add new slides, insert charts, tables and SmartArt Graphics.

Briefcase puzzle slide

Available for PowerPoint and Keynote

This animated business jigsaw puzzle template is available for PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, as well as for Apple’s Keynote, which makes it possible for presenters to use this template on not only Mac but also iPad devices (using Keynote).

Business jigsaw puzzle

You can download this animated business template in Widescreen and Standard formats for PowerPoint and Keynote from the Presenter Media website.

Go to Presenter Media – Standard Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – Widescreen Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

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