Puzzle Template

Free Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Template


If you’re someone who is into solving puzzles, or maybe you are already part of a jigsaw puzzle club in your community, then you will enjoy this Free Jigsaw Puzzle PowerPoint Template. This template is great to use for many puzzle-related presentations, but can also be used for highly formal corporate reports and planning.

Best Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates

Construction, roadmaps, team building, business ventures and progress can all be presented using symbols like road blocks, puzzle pieces, building blue prints, etc. The Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates listed below can be used for the aforementioned and many other types of presentation topics.

Animated Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

While we have covered a number of business presentation templates in previous posts, one can never have enough novel templates to make up for various important events at the workplace, be it meetings, sales presentations or brainstorming sessions.

Animated Factory Puzzle Template For PowerPoint

Assembly lines can be like pieces of a puzzle, requiring various processes to be completed in a sequence to complete a product. For presentations related to a factory, production process, business venture or to cover topics like industrialization, environmental impact of mass production, you can use the Animated Factory Puzzle Template for PowerPoint.

Animated Puzzle Pieces PowerPoint Template With Stick Figures

We previously reviewed the Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint and have covered several Animated PowerPoint Templates with stick figure animations. Connect This Piece is a PowerPoint Template which brings a mixture of both stick figures and puzzle piece animations.

Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint Presentations

The Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint Presentations is a set of PowerPoint slides which come with a variety of customizable puzzle pieces that can help you present complex ideas in an interesting manner. Like many other Presenter Media Templates, this PowerPoint Toolkit is ideal for all kinds of users such as business professionals, students, teachers …

Word Search Game in PowerPoint using Adobe Presenter 8

We have seen how to install the free trial of Adobe Presenter add-in for PowerPoint which offers you lot of new features to make interactive and rich PowerPoint presentations with a few clicks. Today we will show you one of the interactions that is available on Adobe Presenter to make the classic Word Search game …