Animated City PowerPoint Templates

City themed templates are quite often used for subjects related to business, architecture, engineering, construction, progress, financial assessments, etc. Instead of using static city templates with a limited number of sample layouts, you can opt for animated templates that are more dynamic and can provide better options for making more meaningful presentations.

Below are some finely crafted Animated City PowerPoint Templates which provide a range of clipart, animations and professionally made layouts.

Build a City Animated PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint Template starts off with an animated slide depicting a city being constructed. The animation shows buildings being built from the ground up, with placeholders that you can use to add your own text.

Build a city animated PowerPoint template

The slides that follow, offer tables, charts, SmartArt Graphics, clipart images and editable slide designs where you can move and rearrange objects via drag and drop, as well as change their size and shape.

This template can be downloaded for PowerPoint and Keynote, which means it is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac OS X

Go to Presenter Media – Build a City Animated PowerPoint Template

Build a city template for PowerPoint

Scraper World Animated PowerPoint template

Another city themed presentation template, the Scraper World Animated PowerPoint Template depicts an animation of a world filled with skyscrapers. You can customize this opening slide animation, as well as the following sample content and layouts which provide ample amount of animations, clipart, charts, tables and individual layouts for making a multitude of slide designs to match your needs.

Scrapper world template for PowerPoint

Like other Presenter Media templates, this slide set too can be customized using PowerPoint formatting tools, as well as by rearranging slide elements via drag and drop. Compatible applications for this template include:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac OS X

Go to Presenter Media – Scraper World Animated PowerPoint Template

Scraper world PowerPoint template

Global City Video Background Template for PowerPoint

The Global City video animation can be downloaded as an editable PPTX template or in a video format for making presentations and for use in other types of projects, be it animated banner ads, blog posts or YouTube videos.

The PowerPoint version can be edited by adding your own text and images, as well as by using PowerPoint Video Tools.

Global city template for PowerPoint

The video version of this animation will require editing using a video editing software, however, you can also perform minor changes like adjusting the color, shadow and brightness of the animation from the developer’s website.

You can download this animated video background in these formats:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Video File in WMV, FLV and MOV formats

Go to Presenter Media – Global City Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Global city video animation

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