Microsoft’s HoloLens Starts The Era Of A Holographic Lifestyle

Recently launched HoloLens by Microsoft is a sleek, flashy headset with transparent lens. HoloLens is a head-mounted device that is worn like a large set of goggles. With this wonderful invention, Microsoft emphasizes on projecting the digital world into the real world using holograms.

Turn Your Room or Office into a Virtual Space

This superb device by Microsoft when worn transforms the world around you- with 3D objects floating in the air, virtual screens on wall and you will see that your living area is covered with virtual characters.

Microsoft HoloLens

Merge Your Virtual Life with Your Real Life

The device does not actually generate 3D images that everyone can see. Instead of everyone coming into a room made to produce 3D images, these amazing goggles show images only the wearer can see. Others will just think that you are wearing goofy looking glasses, but you will able to explore a whole new digital world with the help of HoloLens.

The objective is not to move to a different world, but fetch the marvels of the computer technology into the world you are breathing in. On wearing this great device, you can still watch the real world as well. You do not need to worry about banging in walls; you can freely walk around and talk with others.

Merge your virtual life with your real life

This amazing device functions by watching your gaze, tracks your movements and by blasting light into your eyes, it transforms what you see. As the device has the ability to track you, allowing you to make use of hand gestures, you can interact with 3D images by raising and lowering your finger.

In addition, there is a wide range of other hardware devices that have been specifically designed to make the HoloLens’ effects feel believable. The device consists of a plethora of sensors in order to sense your movements in the room. Based on this information and the layers of colored glass, you can very easily interact with and examine from different angles as well.

Microsoft HoloLens Introductory Video

HoloLens has a virtually unlimited set of applications for the users. This superb device by Microsoft indicates potential and will transform businesses and opens an array of new possibilities for how we interact. You can get a complete overview regarding the capabilities of this device from this video by Microsoft.

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