Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a simple, clean, and modern template that is minimalistically geometric, you can use this Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template. Simply named after its basic design that opens you to more opportunities to use it for many kinds of presentation types, whether at home, in your organization, in school, or even in the corporate setting.

Widescreen Green and White Minimalist Template

Minimalist Design

With its spacious design magnified by its widescreen format, you can easily and cleanly present your content in a way that your audience can see it even from afar.

The template features an apple green background with very thin white borders. Right in the middle of the slide are the title and subtitle placeholders, also in bold, solid and crisp white text. The inside slides switches up its colors to showcase the content without any distracting background. In these inside slides, the background is in white, with the apple green color serving as an accent and a pop of color.

By adding New Slides, you can choose from among the many professionally designed templates that allows you to present your data, comparisons, content with caption, picture with caption, and many more. With these layouts, you can include tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, photos and illustrations to make your presentation concise, more visual and dynamic, as well as highly informative.

Simple, General Use Template for All Types of Presentations

If green is not your style, you can also choose many other variants that offer different color schemes to suit your own preference, branding, or personality. You can also choose other themes for your presentation and also inject your own individual style into them.

Choose From Among Many Variants to Suit Your Style

Like many other PowerPoint Online and even offline templates, you have many customization options to truly and fully make your template your own.

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