Quotable PowerPoint Template

If you want to create a presentation that revolves around a quote from someone, or a conclusion from an earlier research, you may want to create a quotation themed PowerPoint template. The Quotable PowerPoint Template is a beautiful, quote themed template that you can use for presentations where you want to attribute to a person, a quote, a study, or another research. 

High Contrast Color Block Template with Quote Box

Quote Text and Findings

This Quotable PowerPoint Template features a contemporary design that has a high contrast color block design of a speech balloon in aqua blue on a solid black background. Being in a widescreen format, the template allows you to quote long lines of text, or even insert findings or tables and graphs that you can attribute from another work.

This PowerPoint Online Template makes it also easy for you to refer your presentation with your team, especially if you are working on a group project. It is also easy to share with each other.

What’s more is you can access the template or your already customized presentation using any computer or mobile device by simply opening your browser and logging in to your OneDrive account.

Build Your Presentation Using Various Layouts

This template is especially helpful if you want to create a collection of best or famous quotes about different topics. You can also use this for presentations of literature, publishing, news, and other similar topics. Aside from these, the template is standard enough for many other presentation purposes.

You can copy and paste this slide to your own existing presentation. Alternatively you can also built a new presentation around this template. By clicking on New Slide, you can open a collection of slides with various layouts that all contain the same theme with the same color blocking style. Simply add the slides that you need and duplicate them so you can insert various types of content, such as tables, charts, diagrams, lists, photos, and many more.

Choose Various Color Schemes to Suit  Your Personality

You can also change the color scheme of the template to your own preference such as apple green, purple and hot pink, among many others. These options allow you to showcase your own personality and still maintain the same cohesive and professional look.

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