Damask PowerPoint Template

The damask pattern is currently oftentimes used in home decor and interior design. It typically features a reversible abstract pattern that is woven into fabric. Damask patterns are present in artwork, textiles, clothing, wallpapers, woven fabrics, and many more. These patterns are associated with a rich history, as well as with rich fabrics, high end luxury, and elegant design. 

Rich Blue and Velvety Damask PowerPoint Template

Free Damask Template for PowerPoint Online

To give your presentations the same luxurious and elegant look, whatever your topic may be, you can use this Damask PowerPoint Template. With a professionally created damask pattern, you can channel the richness of its history and design into any type of slideshow, whether it is for personal use, for your household, school, organization, club, or company. Its general purpose design can also make it perfect not just for slideshows but also for posters, banners, greetings cards, notes, and so many more.

This Damask PowerPoint Template has a deep, dark blue background that has a velvety look to it. Right in the middle of the template is a light effect that gives the whole background a richer and shinier look. This light or gradient effect also pulls your audience’s attention to the middle of your slide, where your content is. The Damask pattern is subtle and rich, giving texture to the whole slide background.

Choose the Right Layouts for Your Presentation

To add a title to the template, simply click on the title placeholder in the middle of the slide, then type in your own text. You can do the same for the subtitle or your presentation description. From here, you can build your very own Damask PowerPoint Presentation by adding new slides.

Insert Objects Such as Charts and Diagrams

Simply click on New Slide on the Home Menu of the Ribbon and choose from a wide array of layout options that are professionally created to help you maximize each slide and make it concise and informative.

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