Widescreen Animated PowerPoint Template With Rising Text Effect

If you want to emphasize a point, clarify an issue or discuss a main idea, then you would need a presentation that would zero in on that. You would need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations that uses up the most elements in a way that would make your point stand out and deliver your message clearly.

Change the Formatting and Customize the Slide to Your Preference

The Widescreen Animated PowerPoint Template with Rising Text Effect is a beautifully designed template that will allow you to emphasize a point using animations that will allow text to rise up and shrink into place. This animated template features a dark background that elegantly complements the bright gold effect of the text and the line on the slide.

The template’s animation specifically involves sample text slowly rising and stretching up from the bottom of the slide until it settles into place. The slide template already comes built in with the animation so all you need to do is to customize the text to suit your message. The sample text has a gold text effect and format that simply stands out from the dark background. Being in widescreen format also allows for maximum readability for audiences, even when they are afar.

Built In Animations Help Your Focus More on Your Content

To change the sample text, simply click on it, delete the text and type in your own word or phrase. Having the similarly colored line also helps in emphasizing the text while giving the slide an overall elegant and sophisticated look. From here, you can either build your own presentation around the template by adding slides and choosing from an array of professionally designed layout options to present your content. You can also opt to copy and paste the customized slide template into an existing presentation.

Add Slides and Build Your Presentation Around this Template

Depending on your own presentation theme or preference, or even your company brand identity, you can change the format of the text.

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