Slate Design PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a go-to general purpose template that you can easily whip out to create stunning, professional looking presentations in half the time, you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you one of the many beautifully designed templates that you can use for business, organizational, academic, or home use.

Create a Slate Design PowerPoint Presentation for Home Business or School Use

Keep Your Slate Clean

The Slate Design PowerPoint Template features a dark gray background and boasts of a muted elegance that allows you and your content to shine through. As a widescreen format template, it also allows you to make full use of the horizontal space, thus allowing you more ways to present your data clearly and effortlessly. Your audience will also have easy readability because of the template’s layout and design so your presentations will definitely stand out even from afar.

Choose from a Wide Array of Layout Options

The template features a slate, or dark gray, textured background, much like a slate stone itself. This adds more interest to your slides as compared to a solid color background. Your test is in big, bold white colors to make it stand out from the background.

Create Your Slideshow in Slate

This PowerPoint Online Template also allows you to choose from among the many layout options to maximize your space in each slide as well as present your data in a uniform yet still varied manner. The layouts enable you to create lists, photos, comparisons, charts, tables, graphs and diagrams which you can use to display your data in a way that your audience can easily comprehend and remember. By clicking on the New Slide option on the Home menu, you can build your slideshow.

Being in PowerPoint Online also allows you to either save this slate design template to your OneDrive account in the cloud or to your computer. In the cloud, you can easily access the template anywhere at anytime through any browser and through any mobile device or computer as well. Simply log in your OneDrive account.

Create Your Elegant Slate Slideshow

This Slate Design Template can be used for creating business proposals, annual reports, financial reports, experiment or research presentations, school administration welcome remarks, banners, posters, greeting cards, or even photo albums. The purposes are endless.

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