Powerpoint Animations

Animated 3D Cube Diagrams For PowerPoint Presentations

In a previous post we brought you a template with a 3D spinning cube. We also reviewed the animated picture cube template and explained how you can use it for creating your own picture cubes. 3D cubes can be ideally used for making diagrams for professional use. You can explain different processes, concepts and theories using …

Animated Research Infographic PowerPoint Template

A lot of research nowadays involves hours and hours of searching through the Internet. Back in the day one had to crack open a book or two but now it’s all about digital files. The Animated Searching Through Files PowerPoint Template carries this theme of digital research in the form of infographic slides and animations.

9 PowerPoint Myths Proved Wrong

There was a time when I thought that PowerPoint was an awesome presentation tool, then I got a bit bored with it. It was only when I turned to technology blogging that I realized there were so many plugins, third-party apps and hidden features that made PowerPoint that much more powerful. Since everyone’s job description …

PowerPoint Animation Maker Templates & Tools

Animations add a whole new perspective to PowerPoint presentations. Presentations with animations are not only more attention grabbing but can help convey the user’s perspective with great ease. Previously, we showed you how to make your own animated clipart. Similarly, we have also covered hundreds of Animated PowerPoint Templates which can help you create stunning …

PPspliT Add-in Splits PowerPoint Animations into Different Slides

PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in for splitting slides according to animations. With this simple add-in you can split your animations as a separate slide to get a snapshot of what each step of your presentation will look like.

Widescreen Animated PowerPoint Template With Rising Text Effect

Change the Formatting and Customize the Slide to Your Preference

If you want to emphasize a point, clarify an issue or discuss a main idea, then you would need a presentation that would zero in on that. You would need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations that uses up the most elements in a way that would make your point stand out and deliver your message …

Free Rippling Water PowerPoint Template With Animated Water Effect

Beautifully Designed Title Slide with Rippling Water Effect

There are many animated PowerPoint templates, or even water-inspired templates, that you can use to make your presentations even more interesting and attractive. These kind of template are beautifully designed and perfect for any type of PowerPoint Presentation, whether it is for business, personal, home, school or organizational use.

Animated PowerPoint Template With Fade Effect And City Panorama

Animated Text Over a City Skyline at Night Time

Animations make your presentation come alive–literally and figuratively. Animations make objects like text and photos move in your presentations as well as make them more fun and attractive. Animations also help you create an emphasis on your point, or add an extra touch to your slides. You can easily create animated PowerPoint presentations and you …

Widescreen Multi Image SlideShow Template For PowerPoint

Showcase Your Photos Using This Animated Template

PowerPoint still prevails as the leading presentation platform widely used in business, education, and even for presenting personal project proposals. For someone who uses presentations regularly, you may know the importance of keeping your audience interested and engaged. By employing various public speaking techniques and creating interesting presentations, you can convey your message more effectively. 

Animated Picture Template For PowerPoint With Faded Zoom Effect

In PowerPoint Presentations, various slide animations lend more interest to your message, thus grabbing your audience’s attention. However, not all animations can be used. To make a presentation look professional and well put together, you have to make your animations go with what you are trying to convey. Thus, there are animations that are for …