Animated PowerPoint Template With Rotating Tubes And Text

Finding a way to make list presentations can be hard. You want to make your presentation to be more interesting but all you can seem to come up with are bullet points or numbered lists for enumerating a lot of your ideas or messages in your presentation. In this article, we will show you that there is more to PowerPoint Presentations than numbered or bulleted lists

Rotating Tubes and Text with Metal Shine and Built In Animations

You can make listing your ideas more exciting and captivating to your audience by using subtle and appropriate animations such as the one found in this Animated PowerPoint Template with Rotating Tubes and Text. This animated PowerPoint template features a single slide with built in animations to give you the effect of rotating metal cylinders or tubes.

This template of rotating tubes and text is professionally designed to allow beginners to advanced PowerPoint users to easily create their own presentations using this template.

The slide template features a dark gray background to make the rotating tubes and your text in them stand out. Meanwhile, the animation itself involves three horizontal cylinders that float into the slide and have animation effects that make each cylinder look like they are rotating. As each cylinder floats in and rotates, it reveals sample text that you can customize for your own lists.

Built In Animation for Rotating Tube and Text Effects

To incorporate this template into your own existing presentation, simply customize the text to your own list. You can also add more rotating tubes and text depending on how long you want your list to be. Then, copy and paste the slide to your own presentation. Alternatively, you can build your own presentation around this template. Simply add new slide and choose from the many slide layout options that you see.

Simply Change the Sample Text into Words or Phrases

This animated template can be used for many types of presentations, such as business proposals or financial statements in business, term papers or experiments in school, or fundraising events for organizations. It can even be used for home and personal use.

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