Vital Organ Heart PowerPoint Template

Vital Organ Heart is a PowerPoint Template which is a part of the Presenter Media series of Animated PowerPoint Templates related to human organs. While Presenter Media offers presentation templates related to all kinds of topics, like the Vital Organ Brain Scan PowerPoint Template, this template is aimed for creating medical presentations, particularly related to the heart.

Sample Slides With Video Animations

The Vital Organ Heart PowerPoint Template starts off with a sample slide which displays a video animation of a beating heart.

Vital Organ Heart

Suitable For Doctors, Teachers, Students And Even For Displaying Hospital Statistics

Whether you are a biology student, doctor, teacher or even a business professional, you can use this template and mold the various sample slides and clipart to match your presentation needs.

Medical Sample Slides

You can not only use this template for your academic presentations as a student or teacher but even display stats related to a medical facility such as the number of patients, medical staff, medicine demand and supply statistics for a hospital.

Editable Medical Charts

How To Mold This Template For Business Related Presentations

In case you are wondering how a business professional might benefit from this template, you should see the business charts displayed in screenshots given below. While this template is primarily meant to be used for medical purposes, however, a beating heart can also be a depiction of business health and you can even use the various editable chart slides for your presentation, while leaving out medical clipart and images by either removing them from slides or by only using slides with charts.

Medical Cost

Another use of this template may be when one may require presenting the profits and revenue for a hospital, in such a case this template may even be quite useful for an accountant, auditor and even a director who might require discussing statistical data related to a medical facility at an AGM.

Quaterly Sales Graph

Heart Beating Video Animation For PowerPoint Presentations

Another resource that you can use is the standalone Heart Beating Video Animation by Presenter Media which is available in GIF, MOV and Flash format, with the option to customize the background color, size and other related features of the animation before it is downloaded. You can use the video or GIF image format of this animation in any supported presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote.

Heart Beating Animation

Vital Organ Heart PowerPoint Template works with the following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 (PPTX For PC)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and 2011 (PPTX For Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Vital Organ Heart PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – Heart Beating Video Animation

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