Animated World Travel PowerPoint Template

A good presentation template is the one that can help your audience instantly understand your presentation topic. For presentations related to travel and tourism, it’s best to use a template that can help your audience instantly grasp your message, with the visual aid of relevant images. The Animated World Travel PowerPoint Template is a travel …

Animated Scales PowerPoint Template

Scales, weighing machines and measuring tools are often attributed to various symbolic themes such as, arbitration, justice, fair treatment, hard work, etc. The Scales Toolkit is an animated template which provides various slides depicting scales and weighing machines. There are a number of tipping scales depicted in this scales PowerPoint template, which can help you create a …

Animated Polygon Infographic Template For PowerPoint

Need to make infographic slides in PowerPoint that can stand out and get noticed? You should opt for an infographic template that comes with high-quality graphics and easy to edit presentation slides. Like the Animated Polygon Infographic Template for PowerPoint.

Animated Meter PowerPoint Templates For Presentation Dashboards

Presentation dashboards are a convenient way of presenting different types of information in a cohesive manner. This especially includes statistical data represented in the form of charts, tables and infographics. In a previous post we brought you a list of High Quality Dashboard PowerPoint Templates; this time around we have three fine looking dashboard templates …

Organize Your Desk Animated PowerPoint Template

If you want to make slides using unconventional out of the box thinking, then it might suit you to use layouts that have more realistic graphics. With such layouts you can aim to give an informal feel to your presentation and try to reach out to your audience on a personal level.

Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates

Want to play Jeopardy just like the game show on TV? The best way to do that is to use Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates that can help you quiz your contestants right from a PowerPoint slide show.

Animated PowerPoint Template With 8 Interactive Components

Sometimes one has to go back and forth between slides during a presentation, which makes it a bit odd to quickly rush the slides backward or forward. This can even result in the presenter forgetting the slide he/she was looking for and loose the slide they were last on, which can be quite embarrassing. What …

Animated Board Game PowerPoint Template

Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint comes with editable layouts and clipart images for making presentations with board game slides. This template acts as a PowerPoint toolkit for making board game slides with elements that can help you present famous board games and board game pieces within your slides.

Animated Puzzle Pieces PowerPoint Template With Stick Figures

We previously reviewed the Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint and have covered several Animated PowerPoint Templates with stick figure animations. Connect This Piece is a PowerPoint Template which brings a mixture of both stick figures and puzzle piece animations.

Download Windows 8 PowerPoint Templates To Create Modern UI Prototypes

One of the less known functionality of PowerPoint is its utility as a tool for creating mockups, wireframes and UI designs. If you are looking to quickly create a prototype for the Windows 8  Modern UI (Metro UI) then you should see the amazing Windows 8 Modern UI PowerPoint Templates at

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