Animated Video Backgrounds

Under this category you can find creative Animated Video Backgrounds and animated video templates for your next PowerPoint presentations. Animated backgrounds and moving videos can help you to prepare awesome presentations and engage your audience better than using static pictures.

You can download premium & free video backgrounds for PowerPoint including looping backgrounds for PowerPoint, motion backgrounds, and video backgrounds with special effects or you can learn how to prepare Microsoft PowerPoint templates with animated videos.

Best Abstract PowerPoint Video Backgrounds

spiral dots powerpoint video background

Abstract video backgrounds for PowerPoint can help you create presentations with a splash of something eye-catching and unique. You can make use of video backgrounds in a number of ways by adding supporting text to give them a context through customization. We have compiled a list of the best abstract PowerPoint video backgrounds with videos …

Attic Video Background for PowerPoint

attic video

Attics are often used for storage, containing fond memories boxed away in the shape of toys, pictures, old furniture, etc. The Attic Video Background for PowerPoint is a customizable PowerPoint video which can be included in your slides with a custom message.

Write on Chalkboard PowerPoint Animation

write on chalkboard template for powerpoint

PowerPoint animations are a little used gem that can really make a presentation stand out. These are animations embedded within PowerPoint slides and even come in the form of ready-made animated templates. Write on Chalkboard PowerPoint Animation is a customizable PowerPoint animation which can be customized with custom text.

Android Video Animation for PowerPoint

Animated Android Video Template

Nothing spells impressive than something new and extraordinary. With many presentations looking almost the same these days, you have to bring in the big guns sometimes with something that is absolutely eye-catching. And what more can be impressive and unexpected than an android robot in your presentation? If you aim to wow your audience with a …

Animated Spaceship Video Background for PowerPoint

Animated Spaceship Video PowerPoint Template

Today’s advancements in technology make so many things possible. What we once thought of as science fiction is now a reality. From electronic vehicles to home automation as well as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, these are now as common as other basic products that we have around. Now, if you’re one of those who …

Animated Network Security PowerPoint Template

Network security is a pressing issue for which millions are spent each year by various companies to make sure that their networks are secure from any kind of breach or infection. All it takes is one infected file to ruin an entire network. For example, a worm is the most common type of malware capable …

Animated Clapboard PowerPoint Templates

A clapperboard or clapboard is used in film making and video productions to enable synchronization between video and audio. If you are looking to make presentations about movie making, films, TV shows, media or entertainment, you can use a clapboard animation to make your slides more interesting. The animated clapboard PowerPoint templates below come with …

Shielded From Fire Video Animation For PowerPoint

A shield is used as a symbol of protection in different kinds of illustrations. It is also often the default icon for firewall and antivirus software. Shield illustrations and animations can also be helpful in presenting ideas and concepts related to protection, threats, the need for caution, etc. For example, you might want to use …

Breaking News Video Background For PowerPoint

Whether you are someone who works in electronic media or want to make a presentation with a catchy title slide; you can present your topic as a ‘Breaking News’. The word itself has a nice ring to it and a news themed slide can be a good way of instantly grabbing your audience’s attention. The …

Man Climbing Stack Of Books PowerPoint Template

Figure Climbing Book Stack is the name of a video background template by Presenter Media which depicts a man climbing stack of books. This PowerPoint animation has two versions, including one with custom text.