GraphicRiver Provides Amazing Keynote And PowerPoint Templates

There are various websites which offer professionally made PowerPoint and Keynote Templates. While you can always Download Free PowerPoint Templates at FPPT, there are also other websites which offer their own blend of unique templates that can be quite beneficial for business professionals, teachers, students and even people engaged in the IT or engineering sector. GraphicRiver is a website from where you can download elegantly designed 490+ PowerPoint Templates and more than 200 (Mac) Keynote Templates.

What Makes GraphicRiver Templates Special?

GraphicRiver is a part of the Envato marketplace, where people can buy high quality premium content that is unique and elegant enough to make your presentations visually appealing. What makes GraphicRiver templates special is the fact that they have been made as professionally made premium templates, which means that not only have they been created after careful planning in terms of the color combination and layout but they are also not available commonly like free templates, so it is quite unlikely that your audience would have previously seen the template used by you.


In fact, the color and layout alone of these templates is quite visually appealing and GraphicRiver templates are likely to grab the attention of your audience instantly, due to the splendid color combination, graphics and imagery used by professional developers. On top of that, GraphicRiver templates are quite cheaply available as well as in other sites like, as compared to the price one might expect for such high quality templates.

Presentation Templates

Search Templates For PowerPoint And Keynote

At GraphicRiver you can search for templates using the search box (by entering a keyword) or go to the Presentation Templates section to view PowerPoint, Keynote or All Presentation Templates. You can get an instant thumbnail preview and also enlarge the thumbnail on mouse hover to quickly sift through templates.

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Thumbnail Preview

Live Preview And Video Demos For Templates

In case you are looking for a more comprehensive preview for a template, you can click the respective template to see screenshots or head over to the Live Preview section. The Liver Preview and screenshots can be found via links given on each template page. Some template pages even provide links for a video demo for the respective PowerPoint or Keynote Template.

Live Preview And Video Demos For Templates

Here is a preview of some of the impressive templates available.

Get Detailed Template Information, User Rating And Comments

Additionally, the template page contain all required information such as the price and content of the slides, right down to details about the animations and aspect ratio. Furthermore, you can also see user comments and ratings to determine which template may be more useful for you.

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Template for Social Media Mockups

You can download Keynote and PowerPoint Templates at GraphicRiver from the links given below.

Go to GraphicRiver – PowerPoint Templates

Go to GraphicRiver – Keynote Templates

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