Download free Medicine PowerPoint templates, cliparts as well as other free medication templates and sheets to use for your presentations. Learn how to make diagrams for health presentations or medicine prescription PowerPoint presentation ideas. You can also learn how to design a medication flow sheet template from scratch or find free medication template.

Caduceus Symbol Medical PowerPoint Template


The Caduceus symbol is an enduring symbol of medicine, dating back to its ambiguous, controversial beginnings, as the caduceus was a symbol of Hermes or Mercury, which is associated with commerce and negotiation. However, it was adopted by the US Army Medical Corps in the 1900s and has since been used by the medical and …

Pharmacy PowerPoint Template


If you are in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, you may often find yourself needing to create presentations. This may be for a project proposal, annual report, meeting agenda, or any other presentation purpose. Whatever your presentation will be about, you can be sure that you can create a presentation that has a cohesive theme that …

Apothecary PowerPoint Template


In the earlier times, if you are a doctor or someone who is sick you would go to the apothecary who creates, mixes, and dispenses various medicinal products. An apothecary is a medical professional that is today’s equivalent to a pharmacist. So if you are involved in pharmaceuticals or chemistry and you want to channel …

How Medical PowerPoint Presentations Are Useful?

Oral communication or plain text information is not enough these days. To put forward your point in a powerful way, PowerPoint Presentations are used extensively. As PPTs are being used in all industries, the medical industry has not remained untouched.

Vital Organ Heart PowerPoint Template

Vital Organ Heart is a PowerPoint Template which is a part of the Presenter Media series of Animated PowerPoint Templates related to human organs. While Presenter Media offers presentation templates related to all kinds of topics, like the Vital Organ Brain Scan PowerPoint Template, this template is aimed for creating medical presentations, particularly related to …

Vital Organ PowerPoint Template With Brain Scan Animation

Vital Organ Brain Scan PowerPoint Template is an Animated Template that comes with a rotating brain animation with scan waves scrolling across the screen. This PowerPoint Template can be used for making comprehensive medical presentations, particularly related to the human brain.

Download Medication List Template for Excel 2013

Free Medication Schedule Template for Excel 2013

If you need to prepare a list of medication in Excel, then this simple but effective spreadsheet can help you to accomplish the task. If you need to keep track of your medicine and medication log then you can download this free medication schedule template for Excel 2013 to keep everything under control. The spreadsheet contains a …

Top Effective Medical PowerPoint Templates for Presentations on Healthcare Industry

If your goal is to make an effective medical PowerPoint template to convey a message to an audience about a disease, a treatment or any other medical topic, then using animated medical PowerPoint templates like this example below can be an effective way to achieve your presentation needs. This is an animated medical PowerPoint template …

Free Medication Schedule Template for Excel 2013

If you need to keep track of your medicine and medication log then you can download this free medication schedule template for Excel 2013 to keep everything under control. The spreadsheet contains a comprehensive list of medication entries per day including the daily remaining amount as well as medication name. You can filter by date …

Animated Bacteria PowerPoint Templates with Organism Spores

If you are preparing a serious medical PowerPoint presentation and need animated PowerPoint templates to impress your important audience then the templates from PresenterMedia can be really helpful. This time we will show you a bacterial organism spores PowerPoint template that you can download if you need to use a bacteria design for your presentations. …

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