Using Office For iPad To Print Documents

Unlike most of its counterpart tablets and Phablets, iPad offers a great interface, a superb user experience and of course the quality of being an apple product. Recently Microsoft launched its Office suite for the iPad, expanding its horizons and providing users with an MS Office fixation something to cherish. The application saw downloads rise exponentially and reached the mark of success in a very short span of time.

Print MS Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets from iPad

In just a few days after Microsoft released an update for the iPad app, it has given it the potential to harness the power of the trademark AirPrint technology. Any user with the updated version of the Office 365 suite can now easily print documents, slides, excel sheets and more using the iPad.

Print documents from iPad

This comes as a relief for users that had a hard time getting documents in the Office 365 suite to print in the same format using the printer connected via the AirPrint. The update comes with some great features that allow users to get a WYSIWYG based result format on every print they make.

The latest update released for the application provides users with some great features that make using Office for iPad to Print Documents easier than ever.

For word documents the user can easily switch between printing with a markup or doing away with it. This allows them to get a better printing experience and at the same time makes sure that the print is of the exact same specifications as desired by them

For excel sheet the users can select the worksheet they want to print or switch to a single page of their requirement or select multiple spreadsheets and work on the prints. The selection has been made simpler than before and thus enhances productivity.

Print excel spreadsheets from iPad

When it comes to printing presentations or slides, an exciting new feature named as SmartGuides has been introduced. SmartGuides help a user to align images and shapes in the desired format and thus makes sure that the presentations are better designed.

Print PowerPoint from iPad

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