PowerPoint Mobile

Learn all about using PowerPoint on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. The guides, tips and recommendations in these posts provide insight and links for PowerPoint mobile apps, with installation and usage and feature guidelines.

From these posts you can also learn tricks like printing documents via iPad devices or using smartphones for slideshow presentations.

What is PowerPoint Designer?

When I switched from PowerPoint 2013 to PowerPoint 2016, I could instantly feel the difference. Not only is the latest edition of PowerPoint smoother in functionality than its predecessor but has some of the most amazing features hidden discretely, and one of them is PowerPoint Designer.

Using Office For iPad To Print Documents

Unlike most of its counterpart tablets and Phablets, iPad¬†offers a great interface, a superb user experience and of course the quality of being an apple product.¬†Recently Microsoft launched its Office suite for the iPad, expanding its horizons and providing users with an MS Office fixation something to cherish. The application saw downloads rise exponentially and …