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How to Prepare a Two Minute Speech on Time

Speech on Time

You might be in a hurry to deliver a two minute speech or you might want to prepare for a short speech to deliver as closing remarks at an event. Whatever the case might be, there are a number of ways by which you can prepare a two minute speech on time.

Totus: Presentation and Marketing Automation Software


In this age of bite-sized content and lightning-fast social media, every marketer has to deal not just with getting their message across to their specific audience, but also rising above the noise to get noticed. Today, with many things vying even for a short nugget of attention of an easily distracted audience, it’s important to …

PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Easily Edit Photos with Drag and Drop Feature

Pictures speak a thousand words, and with the right photo slideshow software, you can definitely create a story. Whether you want to organize your photos for viewing or you want to showcase your latest vacation snaps, PhotoStage Slideshow Software will take care of it for you. PhotoStage is one of the easiest, most user-friendly photo …

Create Explainer Videos using Storyline Templates with mysimpleshow


One of the most effective methods to reach out to an audience is to create a simple explainer video. Be it a presentation, a YouTube video or a product unveiling at a major event, explainer videos can make your life so much easier. The only question when making such videos is the potentially hefty cost …

Widescreen Technology PowerPoint 2013 Template With Circuit Board Background


The Widescreen Technology PowerPoint 2013 Template with Circuit Board Background is one of the many business presentation templates you can find on this site and on the Microsoft portal. The Widescreen Technology Template is a business presentation template that comes complete with different slides that you can use to present all sorts of business data.

Free Business Relationship Diagram for PowerPoint Presentations


Creating diagrams for business PowerPoint Presentations is an effective tool to convey processes, relationships and connections. Diagrams will help present a clear visual structure to your audience so that you can highlight important points. These diagrams will help you catch your audience’s attention and prevent them from being confused or overwhelmed with the information. However, …

Best Presentation Software And Tools

When it comes to presentations, there are many desktop and mobile apps, add-ins, web services and web apps available, however finding the right mix of tools and apps for presenting your content is the key. In this post we will provide you with a compilation for various commercial and free presentation software and tools that …

SlideDog Updated To Support PowerPoint 2010 And Adobe Acrobat

A few days back we reviewed SlideDog, which is an application to help deliver presentations by easily switching between web pages and various types of files including  MS PowerPoint, PDF and media files (e.g. Movies and images). Recently, SlideDog saw its first update and is now available with even more enhanced features.

Create Rich Video Presentations With Human Characters Using Adobe Presenter 8

Adobe has always been famous for coming up with interactive, feature rich and user friendly products. Some examples include the Adobe Captivate, PhotoShop, Flash Player, Illustrator,  etc. Adobe Presenter is another such application that enhances the functionality of MS PowerPoint and enables creating high-quality e-learning content with a plethora of useful tools. In this post …