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Learn how to use Office 365 or subscribe to Office in the cloud. Office 365 let you download Microsoft Office programs with desktop versions.

Microsoft Loop: Think, Plan and Create Together


Microsoft’s ever expanding suite of Microsoft 365 apps continue to provide productivity tools to help enhance the way people work together. Microsoft Loop is one such app, which provides online collaboration options with the support of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI powered orchestration engine. What is Microsoft Loop? Microsoft Loop provides workspaces that can be used to …

New Features in PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach

start rehearsing

The introduction of Presenter Coach in PowerPoint has transformed the world’s most widely used presentation application into a real-time presentation coach! Many presenters over the years loathed the lack of functional features which resulted in them looking for free PowerPoint templates, presentation coaches and online tutorials to avoid Death by PowerPoint. However, with the new …

Immersive Reader in PowerPoint

Immersive Reading PowerPoint

Learning abilities and age can have an impact in the way people are able to read text and process information on digital tools. Moreover, a stressful work routine can make it harder to concentrate and increase the chances of making errors that can affect workplace performance. A more immersive reading experience can help avoid these …

How to Use the IF Function in Excel

budgeting application for if function

When you’re using Excel, it’s easy to be daunted by formula and function. This is especially true when you have just started using it for your data. However, once you get the hang of it, you will see how helpful Excel can be, especially when it comes to making sense out of a large amount …

How To Animate Slide Objects Using Morph in PowerPoint

Recently, Microsoft has been rolling out some amazing design options that can blow away any audience. We previously brought you an overview of PowerPoint Designer, which provides automatic layout suggestions for added images in PowerPoint. We found another exclusive design feature added by Microsoft to PowerPoint, PowerPoint for Android and PowerPoint Mobile, known as Morph.