Animated Vacation PowerPoint Templates

Without vacations many will be hopeless and oblivious at the workplace, knowing not, what to look forward to from a lifetime of drudgery! On the less dramatic side, we can assume that vacations can also be good for business, especially travel agents and an interesting subject for student presentations and for announcing motivational vacation packages for top employees at the workplace.

Whatever the case might be, if you require making a vacation themed presentation, then the following Animated Vacation PowerPoint Templates can help you make animated slides with the aid of interesting clipart, layouts and illustrations.

Animated vacation PowerPoint templates

Animated Travel Pro PowerPoint Template

This template depicts stick figures at an airport. The opening slide shows an escalator animation with a stick figure, which is followed by different handy slide layouts. All slides, including the opening slide animation are customizable with text and images.

You can download this animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote.

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Travel pro animated PowerPoint template

Animated Out At Sea PowerPoint Template

If you need a sea or cruise themed template then you might find this template interesting enough to keep your audience glued to their seats. The template begins with an animation of a boat at sea.

The slides that follow provide ship, navigation and marine related illustrations and layouts, which can be customized and used as per need. You can not only rearrange slide elements but also add complementary content of your own to aid the animations and clipart. This animated template is also compatible with PowerPoint and Keynote.

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Animated out at seat PowerPoint template

Animated Summer’s Here PowerPoint Template

Summer and vacations are almost synonymous and the best vacations are often the ones you get during the summer season. This summer themed template provides vacation and summer related slide layouts, animations, SmarArt Graphics and a lot more.

You can download this template from the below link and read more about it from our review of the Animated Summer’s Here PowerPoint Template.

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Animated summers here PowerPoint template

Single Figure Roll Luggage Clipart

This static clipart shows a stick figure with luggage. You can download this clipart image as a JPG or PNG file for use in presentations. This clipart can be downloaded in a custom resolution and you can even customize the clipart color, brightness and saturation from the developer’s website.

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Single figure roll luggage

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