Using Horizontal Bullet List SmartArt in PowerPoint Presentations

SmartArt in PowerPoint presentations is a useful tool that lets you present your ideas in a clear and organized way. There are many SmartArt graphics that let you show inter-related information or sequential data wherein the first information like Step 1 will affect the outcome of the other Steps.

SmartArt helps organize large amount of information and among the various SmartArt graphics that you can use for making business presentations includes the Horizontal Bullet List.

Horizontal bullet list 1

How SmartArt Helps You Organize Large Information

Going by the definition of Horizontal Bullet List, it is used to show non-sequential information or grouped data yet it will not affect the outcome of the other data. As shown above, the first block on the left is related to the second block as well as the third block but the process of the second block is not dependent on how the process on the first block is implemented.

Apart from this, each block of information has the same emphasis and it does not connote any direction unlike the Detailed Process SmartArt or the Grouped List wherein it was used to show the progression or development of each stage or step.  The Horizontal Bullet List, on the other hand, could be like the Basic Block List wherein groups of information are presented without specific emphasis as to what should come first and what should come next.

Personalizing the Horizontal Bullet List

Just like the other SmartArt, you can also personalize or add your own touch on how to make your PowerPoint presentation aesthetically appealing and interesting. Least to say, it will be a bit boring to see just plain blocks of information. What you can do, however, is to change its colors, as shown below.

Horizontal bullet list 2

You can also add graphics as shown below.

Horizontal bullet list 3

You can use Horizontal Bullet List to show a group of information yet you can also use other SmartArt to show the same information. The selection of SmartArt to use boils down to your personal preference or your own style. So, whether you are preparing for a business presentation of your presentation at school, you will surely find a graphic that will suit your needs.

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