Best Free Employee Evaluation Templates And Tools

When conducting employee evaluations the most convenient method for a Human Resource Department or a manager is to use readymade templates or to use online tools. We have previously covered many such resources, including employee evaluation templates for PowerPoint, as well as web apps. Below is a compilation for some of the best resources to help you create employee evaluation forms and to rate employee performance.

Best Free Employee Evaluation Templates And Tools

Free Employee Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

There are many Free PowerPoint Templates that you can use for creating employee evaluation forms and presentations. you can download our employee templates for PowerPoint from the links given below.

Go to  Download Employee Templates and Employee Certificate Templates (By FPPT).


360 Employee Evaluation Template For PowerPoint

This is another free PowerPoint Template that you can use for creating PowerPoint presentations for employee evaluation, particularly a 360 Degrees Evaluation. You can download this free template from the link given at the end of this post: 360 Employee Evaluation Feedback Template For PowerPoint.

Also see our post about: How To Make An Employee Performance Evaluation Plan In PowerPoint.


Free Employee Evaluation Template For Word

If you are looking for a simple readymade template for Microsoft Word to perform employee evaluations, then download the Employee Evaluation Template For Word.


Quick360 (Web App)

Quick360 is a free web app for conducting anonymous 360 Degree Assessments by sending out feedback forms via email to multiple recipients. The data collected from the replies from various people can then be used for a 360 Degree Appraisal. The web app also offers “employee self evaluation”, to enable the appraised to rate his/her own competencies. You can see more details about the utility and usage of this web app from our Review of Quick360.


Kineo 360 Appraisal Module For Moodle

If you are using the Moodle LMS (Learning Management System), you can integrate 360 Degree Evaluation functionality for your LMS users by using this simple module by Kineo. This module can be used for inviting individuals to submit feedback for an individual, with automatic emailing functionality. Furthermore, this Kineo module also offers anonymous reporting, spider diagrams and other handy assessment options. See more details from our Review of Kineo 360 Appraisal Module For Moodle.


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