Using Hierarchy List SmartArt in PowerPoint Presentations

You and other entrepreneurs know that there are numerous aspects to consider when putting up a business and fortunately, you can use SmartArt to organize your thoughts. You can add photos or images in some SmartArt graphics while there are SmartArt that can help you organize large information and present it in a simple, direct and easy to understand way like using Hierarchy List SmartArt.

Hierarchy List

Hierarchy List SmartArt To Present Relationships Or List of Information

Going by the definition of Hierarchy List SmartArt, you can use the graphic to show the relationship of one process after the other and it is like using Grouped List wherein the steps of formulating a sound business plan can be presented.  You can also use  Hierarchy List to show the same information or other business concepts like Market Segments or Market Segmentation.

You can also change the color of the blocks to show the main step or main idea while the blocks directly below it can represent the sub-steps or or processes that are connected to the main idea. You can add blocks and sub-blocks if the process is more than two or you can also delete blocks depending on the amount of information that you will present. Aside from this, using SmartArt like the Hierarchy List will refrain you from putting too much text or words that may be unnecessary. Needless to say, to make your PowerPoint effective, only place keywords or important words for the main step or sub-steps.

Hierarchy List2

Hierarchy List To Show Types Of Market Segment

For example, if you are trying to understand the market segment in order for you to come up with a sound plan in identifying your target market, then you can make use of SmartArt to list the different types of market segments, as shown below.

Hierarchy List3

There are different ways on how to classify target market but for this article, let us discuss three major types of market segmentation.

The first type is the geographic segmentation wherein you should decide and be specific  as to where you will market or sell your products and services. Focusing on one country, state, city or county will help you come up with a  good business plan. For example, if a county has a population of 100,000, then your market research should be tailored to the number of population alone. This way, you can effectively measure how many out of the 100,00 is your potential clients rather than dillydallying in the dark and blindly assuming the number of potential customers without any basis.

In a nutshell, you can use Hierarchy List to clearly present other types of market segmentation like Demographic and Price segmentation. If you feel that other types of segmentation like Lifestyle and Time segmentation are important for you to identify your target market effectively, then you can add more blocks and sub-blocks in the Hierarchy List or your PowerPoint presentation.

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