PowerPoint Tips

Learn how to use PowerPoint and make awesome presentations with the PowerPoint tips that you can find under this category. You can read articles on PowerPoint tips and tricks for business presentations as well as other tips for presentations in general. PowerPoint tips including shortcuts and keystrokes to use PowerPoint as well as presentation tips and tricks including how to use the presenter view in PowerPoint or other screen and projection tips.

Find the best and most effective tips to prepare presentations in PowerPoint.

What are quick PowerPoint tips to improve your presentations?

Here are some quick tips to improve your presentations if you are in a rush.

  • Avoid reading the presentation straight from the slides content.
  • Understand who your audience is.
  • Don’t overload your presentations with too flashy elements, transitions or animations, keep it simple
  • Find a good contrast and readable colors for text and background
  • Use at least 16pt in PowerPoint so your audience can read the text in the slides.