Bullet Point

Learn how to use bullet point and lists in PowerPoint presentations and customize the default bullet point icon in the PowerPoint slides.

The posts in this section provide tips, tutorials and recommended templates for effectively revealing your bullet points to keep your audience abreast with your presentation and to prevent confusion which might occur due to a messy bullet list.

How to Align the Bullet Points in PowerPoint

Misaligned bullet points can detract from the visual appeal and professionalism of your PowerPoint slides. In this article, we delve into a step-by-step guide on how to align bullet points in PowerPoint, ensuring your presentations are both visually appealing and effectively communicative. Sometimes when you add bullet points in PowerPoint the paragraphs are not well …

Using Dingbats in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint lets you customize the bullet list icons and this can be very useful for presenters who want to display dingbat or custom icons instead of the default squared or circle bullet points. Recently we introduced a collection of free fonts that you can download and install with dingbats so now we will show you …