Top 10 Free Border Templates For PowerPoint

If you are looking for a way to easily create a PowerPoint presentation, invitation, greeting card, or banner and you have a limited time, you’re in luck because here you can find one of the best PowerPoint border templates that you can use. For any event, occasion, topic or purpose, you can use these free PowerPoint borders to allow you enough flexibility to customize your slides anytime you need a quick presentation.

Below are the Top 10 Free Border Templates for PowerPoint to help you create killer yet creative presentations in half the time with some awesome PPT background designs.

Free PowerPoint border templates

Bring the Yuletide to Your Slide

The Snowflake Border PowerPoint Template is the perfect template for the upcoming holiday season. It features a rich, red background spattered with green and gold shaded snowflakes that come in different sizes and designs. Looking closely at the background, you will see the creativity in the careful design because, as with all snowflakes, not two of the snowflakes in this free border template are exactly alike.

Go to Download Snowflake Border PowerPoint Template

Snowflake Template for Holiday Presentations

Always Spell Elegance

For a year-round go-to template that has a generic, elegant touch that is super easy to customize for any occasion or topic, you can use this Simple Photo Frame PowerPoint Template. It features a white background and an ivory border with a wood effect similar to actual picture frames. This simple border template is perfect for wedding photo album slide shows or for showcasing your art or photography.

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Simple Elegant Yet Classic Frame Template

Give Your Slides Some Flower Power

If you are feeling lighthearted, you can bring some spring in your steps with this spring-inspired presentation template. The Daisy Flower PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed template great for many presentation topics and purposes. This PowerPoint background features a beautiful image of a daisy and the same image enlarged in the background as a semi-transparent overlay on a gradient brown background.

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Bright and Elegant Daisy Inspired PowerPoint Template

Basic is the New Black

Nothing is more sophisticated yet classic than a basic design. This is also true when it comes to your presentations. The Basic Frame PowerPoint Template can help you stand out from the crowd of over-the-top slides that distract from the important thing–your content.

This frame PowerPoint background features a white background broken by a bright and intricate yellow border. This template can be used as invitations, posters, photo albums, and presentations.

Go to Download Basic Frame PowerPoint Template

Bright, Inviting and Classic Presentation for Posters and Invitations

Spruce Up Your Slides with Subtle Silhouette

For any presentation, event or topic involving travel, beach, leisure, graphics, tourism, nightlife, relaxation, and even music, you can use this Border Light PowerPoint Template. This border cartoon template features a solid cerulean background with a dark silhouette of palm trees that extend around the slide as a border.

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Relaxing Blue and Black Beach Inspired Template

Bring the Beach to Your Audience

Another similarly relaxing, beach-inspired template is the Silhouette Border PowerPoint Template that features a silhouette of palm trees and a black background on a tan background that resembles the sand. This template is great for presentations about travel, leisure, relaxation, tropical lifestyle, beach music, and many similar topics.

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Channel the Beach Into Your Presentations

Patterned Slides for Year-Round Slideshows

The Pattern Border PowerPoint Template has a universal patterned border that you can use for all types of presentations, marketing strategies, financial reports, art show posters, product brochures, and even menus. This template can also be used for arts and crafts, as well as interior design.

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Tile-Like Design with Intricate Border Detail

Textures And Patterns Are Always Interesting

Plain solid color slides can tend to be boring so why not add textures and patterns? This Texture Border PowerPoint Template contains intricate patterns and fine textures to catch the attention of your audience in every slide. It’s perfect for arts and crafts, hobbies, scrapbooks, embroidery, needlework, and many other similar presentations.

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Beautiful Patterns and Textures for Holidays and Year-Round Presentations

Elegant Pinstripe Border Design is a Must

Seminars, business plans, financial reports, and many other serious and corporate presentations usually require elegant templates–but it doesn’t mean they have to be generic. You can still add a touch of professionalism with this classic teal template with a pinstripe-style border.

This Aqua Slides PowerPoint Template is free and fully customizable for many other purposes outside of presentations.

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Simple, Teal Handkerchief Design PowerPoint Template

Steal the Spotlight with this Sparkling Slide

This Glitter PowerPoint Template is everything you love about shiny, glittering, glowing things. It has a red sparkle effect with a gradient overlay to also give off a glowing, shiny effect on the whole template. This slide design is perfect for anything feminine, as well as for topics on fashion, design, graphics, and many more.

Go to Download Glitter PowerPoint Template

Glittering and Sparkling Effect to Make Your Presentation Stand Out

For more picture frame and border slide designs,check out the links given below.

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