Create Simulations and Mind Maps with Loopy

Easy to Follow Instructions and Simple Interface

These days, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Add this to the fact that we are all bombarded by many things around us that vie for our attention. We also easily get distracted by one thing that’s always with us–our mobile phones. This is why, more than ever, we need to come up …

Download Hundreds Of Free Sound Effects At ZapSplat

If you have ever needed sound effects for your marketing video, sales presentation, YouTube video or even an academic PowerPoint presentation, the chances are you were unable to find a free source. What’s even harder to find is a royalty free source for downloading sound effects. ZapSplat is a website from where you can download …

Top 10 Free Border Templates For PowerPoint

Snowflake Template for Holiday Presentations

If you are looking for a way to easily create a PowerPoint presentation, invitation, greeting card, or banner and you have a limited time, you’re in luck because here you can find one of the best PowerPoint border templates that you can use. For any event, occasion, topic or purpose, you can use these free PowerPoint …

Free Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template For Word

Document on Sale of Vehicle

For those in the used car business, and even those who are in the car dealership industry, this Free Vehicle Bill of Sale Template for Word is a useful template. You can use this to document the sale and transfer of a vehicle to the buyer.

Free Performance Review Template Form for Word

Review and Rate Employee Performance

For a business owner that employs a staff to provide services to customers, it is important that interactions give customer satisfaction. In industries where income generation depends on how customers are treated and how employees perform, it is important to put standards in place.

Free Event Budget Template For Excel 2013

Create a Budget for Your Event

Effective and efficient event management means that an event is on schedule and within budget, among other things. Successful events have a lot of careful planning behind them, and one of the most important resource, the finances, needs adequate budget.

Free Event Planning Tracker Template For Excel

Covers All Phases of Event Planning

For any event, big or small, to be successful, careful and thorough planning is essential. You have to pool all the necessary manpower and resources and direct them according to your plan. Good event planning consists of progressive phases and detailed costing. The Free Event Planning Tracker Template for Excel helps you create a smooth, …

Free Household Budget Template For Excel

Budget Spreadsheet for Every Household

Every household, big or small, operates like a business. There are incomes and expenses that have to be managed together for things to operate well. To ensure that the expenses can be adequately covered by your income, planning and budgeting is necessary. The Free Household Budget Template for Excel allows you to create a budget. …

Free Event Schedule Tracker Template For Word 2013

Conveniently Record and View Your Plan

Big or small, events can tend to be nerve-wracking and everything must go smoothly. Careful planning is always a must. Each step must be thoughtfully and thoroughly mapped out to ensure a good flow and so that things go as planned.