Animated Nutrition PowerPoint Templates

There are a number of handy healthy food templates for Office applications that we have covered in previous posts, ranging from fitness plan templates, templates related to the healthcare sector and menu maker templates for making professional or personal menus. However, when it comes to making presentations about food, nutrition, healthcare and fitness, the Animated Nutrition PowerPoint Templates given below are perfect for the job.

Nutritious Food PowerPoint Template

This animated template presents a number of health, food and nutrition themed slides with images of chiefs, vegetables and fruits to help you set the right tone for your presentation.

  Animated Nutrition PowerPoint Template

Animations Suitable for Topics Related to Food, Menus, Nutrition and Health

This animated nutrition PowerPoint Template comes with animated slides which are easy to customize with your own text and images. The animated content is presented in the form of editable PowerPoint slides with a plethora of layout options, including clipart images, SmartArt Graphics, tables, charts, etc.

Food clipart images

Choose Between Animated and Static Slides

The given layouts are also quite diverse, which enables making a wide range of slide types from sample content. You can easily mix and mash the given sample content to create professional looking presentations, as well as add your own photos, logos, diagrams to customize the given layouts. Moreover, the sample slides consist of static versions of animated slides for your convenience.

Static food themed slide

Create Health Charts and Professional Diet Plans

The editable tables and charts can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to create health related charts to count calories, track your weight loss, record the nutritional value of food products and to create a balanced diet plan. This is why the template can be used for anything from academic to professional presentations; e.g. by a nutritionist, physician, dietitian, health coach, fitness trainer, etc.

Create health charts

The Nutritious Food Template is available for the below mentioned presentation apps and versions:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Nutritious Food Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Nutritious Food Template (Widescreen Version)

Nutrition template for PowerPoint

Your Plate Choices PowerPoint Template

This is another excellent animated template which can be used for presentations related to food and nutrition. This template is ideal for making slides with nutrition related information and that too with the aid of eye-catching animations that amalgamate with your added content.

Your plate choices PowerPoint template

The template features slides which can be adjusted to create diet plans, charts, slides with nutrition information, etc. The various slide sin this template feature images of pork, plate, fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, grapes, blueberries, apple, plum, cucumber and the like.

Fruits and vegetables clipart

This template can be downloaded for Mac, iPad and Windows based devices for the following:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Your Plate Choices Template (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Your Plate Choices Template (Widescreen Version)

Pork and nutrition

Healthy Food Clipart

This static food clipart can also help you in making health and food related presentations. This clipart is downloadable as a JPG and PNG image in a custom resolution from the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media Healthy Food Clipart

Healthy food clipart

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