Car Repair Tracker Template For Excel 2013

If you are a business entity whose operations and profits hugely depend on the smooth operation of vehicles, then you know how important it is to ensure that all your vehicles are safe to use and are in good working condition. And because you may have one or more vehicles on the payroll, you have to ensure that the profit you generate from them will not be lost on all the maintenance expenses.

Special Expense Tracker for Vehicle Repairs

To help you out with keeping your vehicles in tip top shape while keeping track of their financial value to your company, you can use the Car Repair Tracker Template for Excel 2013. This Car Repair Tracker will assist you in monitoring the maintenance and repair expenses of your vehicles. Meanwhile, you can check out this template for tracking mileage and fuel expenses.

Special Template for Vehicle Repairs

This template is specially designed for automotive repair tracking. It has a sleek, modern design with an image of a car on the right side of the template. This expense tracking worksheet is very useful when you have a fleet of vehicles in your company, or even if you have a couple of vehicles at home.

Simple, Streamlined Design

The template contains a header on top of the worksheet, where you can see the grand total of your automotive repair and maintenance expenses. It is then broken down per vehicle and set against the value of each one for comparison. You can add a third to as many more vehicles as you have by inserting more rows under the two sample vehicle rows.

Built-In Formula Makes Tracking Easier

Underneath is a table where you can see an expense tracker for your vehicle repairs. Here you can follow the sample data and type in your details such as Repair Date, Amount, Vehicle, Where, and Description. Here, the formatting and formula are already provided in the template so all you have to do is fill in the table.

Also, you can specify the make and model of your vehicles by giving them specific labels within the tracker.

Use FIlters to View the Information You Want

This template is best for companies with a fleet of vehicles, such as car rentals, delivery companies, moving companies, taxi services, and the like.

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