PowerPoint frames

PowerPoint frames can be an essential tool for making sure that your slides don’t contain overlapping content, as frames can serve as a guide for retaining your text, images, charts and diagrams within set parameters.

Need good PowerPoint templates with frames? Or do you require some tips for making borders in PowerPoint? See our collection of Free PowerPoint Frame Templates and learn how to use borders for enhancing the look of your slides from our detailed guides.

Picture Frames With Text For PowerPoint


When you are dealing with pictures and text in your presentations, it’s not enough to just insert them in your slides. Sometimes, you can spruce up your pictures even more by being creative and using frames or borders and other effects to make them stand out.

Top 10 Free Border Templates For PowerPoint

Snowflake Template for Holiday Presentations

If you are looking for a way to easily create a PowerPoint presentation, invitation, greeting card, or banner and you have a limited time, you’re in luck because here you can find one of the best PowerPoint border templates that you can use. For any event, occasion, topic or purpose, you can use these free PowerPoint …

Creating a Border in PowerPoint Using Shapes

Using borders in PowerPoint presentations can help you to have delimiter in your slide and make a sense of rectangular area to focus your presentation. You can create a border in PowerPoint through different ways. One possible and simple solution is using a rectangular shape. Another way is to use a border image for PowerPoint or advanced …