ThingLink: Create Interactive Images For Your Image Channel

There are many photo sharing web services like Picasa, Flickr and Instagram that have created a new generation of social media users who like exploring and sharing unique imagery online. While the aforementioned websites offer a good platform for sharing photos, there are also other less known services with more interesting features. ThingLink is a web service that enables users to create image channels, where they can tell their story using images with videos, music and text. ThingLink is like the YouTube of photo sharing, with features that make it possible to create interactive images like animated PowerPoint Presentations.



Create An Image Channel By Importing Images From Online Sources Or Your Hard Drive

To use ThingLink, you can sign up for a new account or login using Facebook or Twitter. Once logged, you can import images from online sources or your hard drive. You can import online images either by authorizing access to your Facebook or Flickr account or by providing an image URL. The My Channel tab provides 4 options for importing images, namely:

  • Import Facebook Photos
  • Import Public Flickr Images
  • Import via Web URL Address
  • Upload From Hard Drive

The below screenshot shows some images imported from a Facebook profile.

Import Images

Make Images Interactive By Adding Videos, Music, Text And Website Links

You can edit uploaded or imported images and mark certain areas of the image to add links. When linked with a URL, a tag appears revealing the linked content on mouse hover. Users can include links to other social networks, their personal blogs, news and commerce websites and the like. Hence, you can make the image interactive as the viewer can click on the dot to launch music, a video or website. ThingLink users can follow other users, leave comments, check stats for their channels, as well as browser and share interactive images. You can even embed other publicly shared images to a blog.

Make Interactive Image

ThingLink iOS App

ThingLink also has an iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. With the help of this app, you can perform all ThingLink features right from your iDevice, such as creating interactive images using videos and text.

ThingLink iOS App

The Verdict

ThingLink is an interesting web service as it serves like the YouTube of image sharing, with the ability to not just share static images but to create interactive images using various videos, images, custom text and website URLs. ThingLink certainly has the potential to bypass services like Instagram, Picasa and Flickr, as it offers more enhanced features that are much more fun than browsing through static images. Furthermore, one can use ThingLink for a variety of novel purposes as you can even turn your interactive image into an online presentation, infographic for your blog and a beautiful greeting card for a loved one.

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