Free Business Acquisition Template For Excel

Some companies, especially bigger corporations get into business activities that further their corporate goals and create more opportunities. One of these activities is Business Acquisition. Business Acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to build on the strengths and businesses of the acquiring company. One of the first tasks needed to be accomplished before acquiring another company or business is finding out if that particular company would make a good and profitable acquisition. The Free Business Acquisition Template For Excel is one of the many business templates available in the Microsoft Portal that can help any business develop and grow.


Free To Use

The Free Business Acquisition Template for Excel helps you organize key information needed to measure and see the value of a business that you are interested in buying or selling. The template presents a clear and detailed information that any appraiser can use to give you an opinion of the value of that business or company.

The template is free to use and works well in Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher. It presents data within a succession of years so that a business which wants to buy or sell a company can easily assess and make informed choices.


Detailed Information

The information presented in this Free Business Acquisition Template for Excel is complete and well-detailed. It contains the name of the business and the address of the company. It also contains information on the Gross Sales, Other Income, Gross Profit, Depreciation, Officer’s Compensation, Advances, Account Receivables, Inventory, Liabilities, Accrued Taxes, Total Assets, Net Worth and other information that would effectively and thoroughly reflect the financial standing of any company up for buying or selling.

The information or figures auto-populates as long as you input or type in the necessary data. This way, you do not have to manually compute for each of the details.

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