Tutorials for using Picasa and Picasa powered applications for making photo albums, sharing and editing pictures and creating collages.

With the tools mentioned below, you can make good use of your Picasa account by importing images and reformatting them with effects and new layouts, with the utility to share them online.

Polarr: Free Online Photo Editor That Learns Your Preferences

Polarr is a free online photo editor which unlike common image editing tools evaluates the user’s preferences and adapts to them. Its intelligent processing engine adapts as you interact with the image editor to learn about the user’s needs.

ThingLink: Create Interactive Images For Your Image Channel

There are many photo sharing web services like Picasa, Flickr and Instagram that have created a new generation of social media users who like exploring and sharing unique imagery online. While the aforementioned websites offer a good platform for sharing photos, there are also other less known services with more interesting features. ThingLink is a …

CanvasDropr: Collaborative Image Canvas

CanvasDropr is an online service that provides you with a virtually infinite online canvas on which you can add photos and apply a lot of different operations like rotate, resize, position, etc. CanvasDropr can be used to brainstorm ideas previous to presentations but also for meetings or just as a global brainstorm with your team. …