Create And Search Color Palettes Using Images With Color Hunter

An easy method of creating color palettes is to use attractive images to derive a set of colors. However, doing so manually using a color picker can be quite time consuming. Color Hunter is a website which provides users the option to generate color palettes by searching and uploading images.

ThingLink: Create Interactive Images For Your Image Channel

There are many photo sharing web services like Picasa, Flickr and Instagram that have created a new generation of social media users who like exploring and sharing unique imagery online. While the aforementioned websites offer a good platform for sharing photos, there are also other less known services with more interesting features. ThingLink is a …

Edcanvas: Create Your Canvas With Videos And Photos And Share It Online

Edcanvas is a web service that provides you with an online canvas where you can add videos, photos and links to websites. Edcanvas provides integration with many famous services for importing content, such as YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr and others. This canvas can be used for various purposes such as creating an online presentation, …