Social Media Tools

Learn about tools used for social media as well as other tools to prepare social media presentations in PowerPoint. You can learn how to use social media tools for hashtag visualization, reputation management, as well as other topics including hashtag lists, mention tracking, mention monitoring or other social media monitoring tools. Moreover you can learn how to combine PowerPoint to show tweets from Twitter or other discussions generated by an online audience.

Bring Your Stories to Life with Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Video editing is no longer limited to editing professionals, as many amateur content creators are now producing content using mobile devices and DSLR cameras. However, using advanced editing applications is still quite challenging for most people. This is why modern content creators require easy to use editing apps that can help them produce professional-looking videos. …

How to Create an Instant Instagram Mockup

Making mockups for social media websites can be tricky, considering different websites have different optimum resolutions for posts, stories and banners. Furthermore, despite using the optimum resolution your image can end up looking pixelated during the compression it faces when uploaded to social media websites. MediaModifier is a web app which makes the process of …